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About Tyrone

Tyrone John A-Level biology tutor

Biology Education was founded in 2004 by Tyrone John.  The goal of Biology Education is to give A-level biology students all the skills they need to master the challenging biological concepts of the A-Level biology specifications.

Welcome to my Page!  I’m tyrone.  I’m glad you’re here.  Education can transform lives, and teachers help facilitate this.  I speak from personal experience about this.  My teachers did not see an academic career for me at school – and they did very little to help me change this.  I was considered a low achiever and expected to be a plumber like my father.  There is nothing wrong with plumbing; it just wasn’t for me.  If you’ve read this far, I hope you will continue as I map out my journey.

I left school with a list of low-grade GCSEs and 1 A-Level – yes, it was Biology!  I had no hope of going to university with these grades, so I got my first job testing soil samples.  Still determined to study science at university, I enrolled on several open university (OU) courses.  I did well on the OU, which allowed me to study Immunology at King’s College, London.  I did this after spending three years as a medical laboratory assistant in the NHS, my second job.

After graduating from King’s with a BSc degree and a fascination with cancer biology, I joined Newcastle University.  I spent the next four years researching anti-cancer drugs’ effects on DNA.  I successfully developed novel ways to measure the level of anti-cancer drugs stuck to DNA.  It was a great day when the Royal Society of Chemistry published my work.  The Royal Society of Biology rewarded my academic and research experience with the Chartered Biologist status.  Charted Biologist is the recognition of professional competence.

On returning home to Wales, I had my first taste of teaching 16 to 19-year-olds – and I loved it.  However, teaching at Bridgend College was only for maternity cover, and my contract soon ended.  My next position was with Loreal (yes, I am worth It) as a microbiologist.  Loreal was great as it was a weekend position and allowed me to teach part-time at Gower College Swansea during the week.

I have spent the last 17 years teaching A-Level Biology at Gower College Swansea full time.  During this time, I qualified as a teacher from the University of Wales with a PGCE.  The Biology department is highly successful and renowned.  The department has a 100% pass rate and grades well above the national average.  I learned so much here about helping people with their education.  It was where I saw firsthand how a teacher could facilitate the real transformational effects of education.  I am proud to have helped so many students of varying abilities gain success in A-Level Biology.

Along with teaching at Gower College, I continued to tutor students privately.  I started my tutoring business at Bridgend College and now tutor full-time online.

As your A-Level Biology tutor, I will use my vast teaching experience to guide you towards academic success.  I strive to cultivate a nurturing and engaging learning environment where you can flourish.

Join me on this exciting educational journey, where we will unlock your potential and pave the way for a successful future.

My Experience

For over 25 years, I have worked with many students of varying abilities to teach them A-Level Biology.  Through this experience, I have developed sound teaching and learning strategies that I apply to individual student needs.  These strategies have consistently empowered my students to achieve the grades they need to progress to the next chapter of their lives.  My Chartered College of Teaching membership keeps me current on learning theories.

Teaching Experience

Bridgend College

Bridgend College is a further education college in South Wales.  I taught here for about a year on the veterinary nurse HND qualification.  I taught anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and the practical content.

Gower College, Swansea

Gower College is a large further education college in Goresinun, Swansea.  I have taught A-Level Biology here for the last 17 years.  The biology department is large, enrolling over 300 students each year.  As a department member, I helped contribute to its success in getting students to succeed, with a 100% pass rate and grades well above the national average.  Along with teaching, I ran the British Biology Olympiad competition, was the curriculum leader for GCSE science and was a personal tutor providing pastoral support to students.

Examination Board Experience

Having taught the specifications of all UK exam boards, including the WJEC and Eduqas, for over 25 years, I fully and completely understand the requirements needed to prepare students for their exams.

Furthermore, I have examined for the WJEC, Eduqas and Edexcel exam boards.  My examiner training has given me enhanced skills and strategies in exam techniques that I use with all my students to facilitate gaining high marks.

Research and Laboratory experience

A-Level Biology has a sizeable practical component.  I have extensive experience with practical biology, having been a microbiologist, an industrial chemist and a research scientist.

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

I hold memberships with the Royal Society of Biology and the Chartered College of Teaching.  Through these affiliations, I keep up to date with educational and biological developments.

Tyrone’s certificates

I love making A-Level Biology video tutorials!

I provide video tutorial feedback on tests and mock exams to save time during the tutoring lesson. 

I have a video tutorial library that my students can use to supplement their learning.  

All my online tuition lessons are recorded so students can watch them later for revision.