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Biology Education was founded in 2004 by Tyrone John.  The goal of Biology Education is to give A-level biology students all the skills they need to master the challenging biological concepts of the A-Level biology specifications.

About Tyrone

Tyrone John A-Level biology tutor

Tyrone has over 20 years of experience in teaching A-level Biology.  I have taught exclusively in further educational colleges on A-level biology and human biology courses.  I have also taught on HND diploma courses in animal care and veterinary nursing.   I have examined for the WJEC and Edexcel.  

I  have a BSc degree in immunology from Kings College London, and a PGCE teaching qualification from the University of Wales, Newport.  Being registered with the Education Workforce Council, I am fit to practise as a qualified teacher.   

Before founding Biology Education, I worked in the NHS as a lab technician and several companies as an industrial microbiologist and chemist.  I am a chartered biologist and a member of the Royal Society of Biology and the Chartered College of Teaching.  

At Newcastle University I did 3 years of research on anti-cancer drugs.  

Tyrone’s approach to teaching A-Level biology

I use lots of different teaching strategies.  The strategies used are specific to each students learning needs.  Tyrone has the most important strategy of all and that is to explain complicated biological concepts simply and clearly.  Here are some more specific strategies that Tyrone use.  

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Socratic Questioning

Written or verbal questions cannot be overstated. They are a powerful way to find out if a student understands the concepts.  Questioning also gives the opportunity to allow the students to think about the concepts, recall facts and make links between concepts.   Simple questions that start with: how, why and what are very effective. 

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making links

The highest grades will only be achieves if students can apply their understanding to different situations.  Through questioning and tailored activities I prepare students to master this vital skill.  

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Without feedback students will never make progress.  Feedback has the highest impact factor of 8 in helping students learn.  I give detailed feedback on students work so they can improve.  

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retrieval practise

We learn by making links to knowledge we already have.  Retrieval practise forces students to actively recall information from their memory.  When this is done the memory is strengthened and information is forgotten less.  This is a very important thing for students to do.  I produce tailed activities and puzzles to help students with this strategy.  

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exam technique

Without being taught how to answer a question, most students will not achieve good grades in their exams.  This is a skill that I take very seriously in preparing my students for.  I teach

  • Comprehension skills,
  • Word analysis,
  • The meaning of assessment objectives and how they relate to the difficulty of the questions.  
  • The meaning of different command words

so students can understand what a questions is asking them to do.  I have decades worth of past exam papers and I make these available to all my students.  I work through many past questions to make sure students have excellent exam techniques.   

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Maths & Prac

Maths make up 10% of the marks in a question paper and 15% of the marks are practical based questions.  It so important that students have good abilities in these areas.  I  always ensure students can achieve in these areas.  

Tyrone’s certificates