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A-Level Biology Tutor

Professional online A-Level Biology Tuition

My online A-level biology Services

One-To-One a-level biology Tuition

With this biology tuition service, I teach a single student at a time, typically for 1 hour. This is ideal if you require intense help and prefer to work independently.

Group a-level biology Tuition

Group ba-level biology tutoring is becoming very popular.  This service is ideal if you like studying with friends or other people.  I keep my group sizes low to ensure all students benefit from the lesson.  Group sizes can be from 2 to 5 students.  To find out more about group tutoring and its advantages, please see my group tutoring page.

Resources I provide

For both one-to-one and group tutoring, I provide the following:

  1. Past Papers
  2. Notes
  3. Video recording of the lesson
  4. Access to the student portal with digital resources.

Amazing Tutor

“Tyrone is an amazing and professional tutor for A-level biology. I struggled with exam questions as A-level mark schemes are so specific; Tyrone would go through topics and give specific questions for these topics. From working at a D grade, I managed to get an overall B in my exams!! Can’t thank him enough for all his help, definitely recommend”.

Nell – AQA Student

Trustpilot Reviews

A short welcome video from Tyrone

I have been a Biology Tutor since 2003 and have a 100% increase in grade pass rate. 

With over 25 years of A-Level Biology teaching experience, I can guarantee to provide you with professional A-Level Biology tuition.

With all 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and the many cards and gifts I receive from students and their parents, you can have confidence that I can make a difference.   

I’m a friendly and patient teacher who teaches in a supportive and challenging way.  This allows students to benefit fully from 1st class biology tuition.

I can teach all UK examination boards.  Having examined for the WJEC/EDUQAS and EDEXCEL, students will benefit from the knowledge only an examiner can give on answering exam questions.

My Approach to A-Level Biology Tuition

Teachers and tutors may seem unnecessary nowadays because of Google and AI. The most valuable thing a teacher can do for their students is to teach them thinking skills. Students must analyse the information in questions to achieve high grades in A-Level Biology exams. It’s not just about memorising facts like what Google and AI can provide; it’s about understanding the underlying concepts. This, and other areas, is where I can offer my professional assistance.

To provide effective help, I customise my approach for each student. I communicate with students and their parents to identify the areas that need attention and create an initial plan for improvement. These plans are regularly reviewed to ensure they continue to address the student’s specific needs. I monitor students’ progress using questions, tests, and activities, making adjustments as necessary to keep them on track. I keep parents up to date with their son/daughter’s progress.

Now, let’s explore some of my other techniques and their importance.

Simplifying Biological Concepts:

Breaking down complex biological concepts into simpler parts makes them more accessible for students. This accessibility enables students to establish meaningful connections between what they have learned and what they are currently studying. These patterns help them link ideas from the entire syllabus, giving them the confidence to tackle extended answers, such as the 25-mark questions in the AQA or the 9-mark QER questions with the WJEC/Eduqas.

Active Learning and Feedback:

I adopt a holistic tutoring approach, focusing on active learning strategies combined with feedback. These strategies include: retrieval practice, puzzles, quizzes, spaced repetition, Socratic questioning, and CRIME (chunking, rehearsal, imagery, mnemonics, and elaboration).

Understanding Scientific Language:

Learning biology is akin to acquiring a new language. Throughout the A-Level Biology course, students encounter numerous scientific terms they must understand early on. To facilitate this, I teach students comprehension strategies and the meanings of biological terminology, allowing them to develop a deep understanding of biology and apply it effectively.

Exam Technique:

Mastering exam techniques is another crucial aspect to cover. Helping students comprehend exam questions and analyse data significantly improves their grades and confidence. This skill is vital for writing precise answers needed at A-Level. It can be challenging for students to develop this level of precision, often causing frustration. Therefore, I employ various activities to guide students in honing this critical ability.

Consistent Study Habits:

I emphasise the importance of consistency in studying to all my students. Even with ample assistance, improvement can be limited without personal dedication and regularity in studying biology. Transitioning from GCSE to A-Level Biology can be overwhelming for students due to the abundance of new concepts, words, and facts. This transition is often referred to as the “big step up.” Students may feel confused, frustrated, and disappointed when progress seems lacking or test results are unsatisfactory.

I teach my students that progress occurs incrementally through consistent effort and active learning strategies. With my guidance, their efforts will compound, leading to rapid advancement. This approach makes the learning process more enjoyable and less stressful. I focus on establishing solid foundations, good study habits, and providing support.

Embracing Failure and Mistakes:

My understanding of the struggle and the value of failure sets me apart as a tutor. Although failure can be discouraging, it is crucial for making improvements. With my guidance, I help students turn failures and mistakes into valuable learning experiences.

Ensuring accessibility to biology with all its complexities is paramount to me. My experience as an examiner, teacher and diverse science background qualify me to provide the highest quality tuition. Creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in my lessons is essential to fostering an environment where students feel encouraged to ask questions, explore, and embrace their curiosity.

Learning should never be dull; instead, it should be an exciting journey of discovery and growth. To ensure success in A-Level biology, I infuse my teaching with engaging activities, relatable examples, and stories that captivate students’ interest.

I have 1000’s of hours A-Level Biology teaching experience 

In 2022 I decided to leave my full-time teaching position at Gower College Swansea to tutor full-time and spend more time with my family.  

I have taught students of all abilities and have learned and developed many strategies to help students understand difficult biology concepts.  

Here are some of my past students’ who won the British Biology Olympiad competition with my support.  

A-Level Biology Students

A Little Bit About Me

After leaving school

Without the grades to go to university, I started my first job as a Lab technician and then moved into the NHS as a Medical Laboratory Assistant.  While working I studied at the Open University.  


Using my qualifications from the Open University I secured a place at Kings College London to read Immunology.  After Graduating I went to Newcastle University to do a Research Degree in Molecular Pharmacology.  I have a PGCE teaching qualification from the University of Wales, Newport.  


I have worked as an Industrial Microbiologist at L’Oréal and a fruit juice manufacturer.  


I am a Member of the Chartered College of Teaching.

I am a Charted Biologist and Full Member of the Royal Society of Biology.  

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If you have any questions, please e-mail me or call/text me at 07969 418179.

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